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Media & Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment industry in India has been making high growth strides, impacted by sustained technological innovation. Being one of the biggest beneficiaries of the country’s favourable demographics, this sector creates exciting opportunities and offers more choice to the Indian consumer. The digital transformation and the accompanying onslaught of social media have radically altered the consumption pattern of the content by consumers all around the world, thus making the global audience more homogenized. In a bid to constantly think of new and innovative ways to keep themselves ahead of their competitors, companies are increasingly focusing on their quality of talent.

At RanCme we bring out-of-the-box solutions to identify the right blend of skills needed to address these challenges. We are well positioned to provide customized talent solutions that help our clients to identify talent. Over a few years, we have carried out varied projects for our M&E clients for senior executive searches. We have the expertise to work across all segments of the industry such as publishing, broadcasting and cable, film and music production, new media and marketing services.

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